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So Many Things to Learn, So Little Time.


Iam a web developer using Microsoft's ASP.NET and Javascript with a bit of CSS thrown in for good measure. I've also spent many years writing open-source software running on the Linux platform.


My latest toy is the Arduino, an open-source micro controller based on Atmel's AVR chip. The main language is 'C' based with a Java IDE which allows development across Windows, Linux and Mac. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the Raspberry Pi, an ARM based board capable of running Linux, but with a $25 price tag.

Other Interests - Support Worker with the Homeless

Since February 2012, I have been a volunteer with The April Centre, working with the local homeless.

One night a week, I take to the streets as a member of the outreach team, where we make contact with rough sleepers to provide more immediate assistance and encourage them to come to the day centre for further help and guidance.

The April Centre is very lucky to have exclusive use of a hall as their day centre. This is open three afternoons a week and provides the service users with hot drinks, a meal, and use of facilities (TV lounge, computers, table tennis, arts and crafts).

At the moment I am able to commit to one afternoon a week as a support worker at the day centre, where I am on hand to assist however I can, whether it be just a listening ear or more practical matters such as helping with benefit claims.

I very much enjoy my voluntary work with the homeless. Despite it being quite a challenging role, it is very rewarding.

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