The Website of Mike Taylor
Some of My Recent Projects

I have built a simple application on the Arduino platform that allows data from digital as well as analogue inputs to be logged and transmitted back to the server via a GPRS connection. Currently, Iam monitoring the state of doors, temperature, movement (via a vibration sensor), and input voltage. The server can also send commands to control the output state of 8 digital outputs, setting then either latched low or high, or pulsed low or high.

As an ongoing projects, I am trying to revive a valve based car radio. As I have little knowledge of valves, this has proved quite a challenge. Thus far, I have discovered a faulty switch in the radio and a dud rectifier valve in the power pack. The current plan is to replace the valve power-supply with a solid state design. More to follow on this one...

Replace broken laptop screen for my darling daughter. Having dropped it, the screen was badly damaged. Having identified the model of the screen, as to the opposed to the model of the laptop, I tracked down a replacement for the sum of £22 inc postage. After replacing the screen and re-assembly, with a bit of a spring clean along the way, daughter was back on the air.